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Clarendon crime blotter



On Mar. 26, officers with the city of Manning Police Department and the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office were conducting a license safety checkpoint on Sunset Drive and Glenwood Drive when a black Lincoln sedan approached officers, traveling westbound towards the outside of city limits. Officers approached the vehicle and immediately observed an odor consistent of suspected marijuana emitting from the vehicle. An officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, observing a mason jar with a green leafy substance under the driver’s feet on the floorboard. Officers also observed an infant in a car seat located on the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Officers then asked the driver if he was smoking in the vehicle, and the driver denied smoking in the vehicle. The driver was instructed to exit the vehicle and was then frisked for weapons and contraband. During the search, the officer observed a large amount of cash on the driver’s person.

Officers also uncovered a mason jar with a small amount of suspected marijuana inside it, as well as other nuggets of suspected marijuana on the floorboard and under the seat. All the suspected marijuana was placed into the mason jar and seized. Officers also uncovered a digital scale in the driver’s side door and a series of plastic Ziplock bags. The driver was issued a citation for simple possession of marijuana and advised of court dates. The driver and law enforcement cleared the scene without incident.

At the police department, the suspected marijuana was weighed at an estimated seven grams and placed into evidence. Weights and measurements are estimates, approximate weights will be determined at time of testing.


On Mar. 20, officers with Manning City Police Department responded with the Manning Fire Department to the 200 block of Memorial Street in reference to our working structure fire. Upon arrival, heavy smoke and flames were coming from the corner of the residence. When the fire department arrived on scene, the fire had spread to the majority of the structure. After the fire was extinguished, detectives inspected the residence along with firefighters. It was determined the fire started in corner of the residence. Detectives did take photos of the scene and were advised by patrol officers that officers did respond to an incident at the location earlier in the shift, in reference to a civil disturbance at the residence. Based off prior domestic violence calls at the residence and the fact that officers had responded prior to the fire, the ndetective did contact the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division arson unit to have an agent respond to assist with the investigation. The detectives did have patrol officers mark off the crime scene and complete a crime scene log.

Officers remained on scene to keep the scene secure until SLED units arrived. A search warrant was issued for the residence to conduct further investigation. The damage to the residence was a total loss. Further investigation pending.


On Apr. 1, a complainant entered the Manning Police Department in reference to a robbery. The complainant stated that prior to her coming to the police department, her 15-year-old brother was walking in the area of Pine Street when a black in color Chrysler stopped and three black males approached him with handguns. The complainant stated that the black males took a handgun from the juvenile while threatening to shoot their residence up later that night. The complainant also stated that she has custody of the 15-year-old. She identified the subjects by the nicknames “Bay Bay” and “Coop.” The complainant was advised of the warrant process. She was also advised that they would need to speak to the juvenile.