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Clarendon crime blotter



On Mar. 10, a Manning City Polie officer was dispatched to the 100 th block of East Boyce Street in regard to break-in and burglary. Once on scene, the officer spoke to the complainant, and she stated that she arrived at the center at approximately 4:30 p.m. She stated that she unlocked the door and noticed a part of the doorknob was on the floor. She then realized that the door frame was damaged. She stated that she looked around and noticed that 2 Gateway laptops, 1 Acer laptop, and multiple check books were missing.

The officer observed the scene and noticed that the door frame was broken in and that two offices were rummaged through. Both the offices had filing cabinets open and papers all over the desk and floor. The officer also noticed that there were multiple other laptops along with TVs and monitors that were untouched.

The complainant stated that there are no cameras on location and that the last time she was at the center was at approximately 6 p.m. on Mar 8.



On Mar. 13, an officer with the Manning Police Department was dispatched to the 200 th block of S Church Street. Dispatch advised the call was in reference to a break-in that had already occurred.

Upon arrival, the officer contacted the complainant, who stated that he came to the center to do landscaping. The complainant stated he went to the residence next to the center, where he stored the landscaping equipment. He noticed the lock to the door was broken. He stated he opened the doors and noticed the John Deere riding lawn mower (estimated value $2,000) was missing. He also noticed that two weed eaters (valuing $400) and miscellaneous tools (valuing $500) were also missing from the shed.

The complainant stated the residence is part of the center and doesn’t have any cameras on the property.

The officer asked when the last time was he saw the John Deere riding lawn mower and the weed eaters. The complainant advised that he last saw the John Deere riding mower and weed eaters on Mar. 4.

The complainant does not have any serial numbers for the items that were stolen.

The officer advised an investigator in the police department about the incident and advised the complainant that a report would be documented.