City of Manning receives $15,000 grant from Duke Energy, recognition from Tree City


The City of Manning has been awarded an Emergency Preparedness Grant from Duke Energy, Mayor Julia Nelson announced June 13th. The grant will provide crucial funding for equipment to support the city's public safety departments in handling emergencies and natural disasters.

"Thank you to Duke Energy for this funding to help ensure that we can keep our citizens safe during emergencies," Nelson said. The grant is expected to enhance the city's ability to respond to various crises, reinforcing the safety and security of Manning's residents.

In addition to the grant, Manning has also been recognized for its long-standing commitment to urban forestry. The city has been honored as a Tree City for the 24th consecutive year, a distinction awarded by the National Arbor Day Foundation. This recognition underscores Manning's dedication to adhering to the Tree City standards, which promote effective tree management and environmental stewardship.

"We are proud to have been a Tree City for 24 years," Nelson said. "This recognition reflects our ongoing commitment to maintaining a healthy and sustainable urban forest."

The dual accomplishments highlight Manning's efforts to enhance community resilience and environmental sustainability.