Be It According to Thy word


This is a biblical tale. You know about the plagues that were set upon Egypt? I have a favorite plague if there is such a thing. Moses goes before the Pharaoh and tells him to let the people go. Of course the Pharaoh does not do it and God puts a plague on Egypt.

The plague I like best is when the frogs descend on the land of Egypt. You can read this in Exodus but I’m going to tell this story and tell you why this is about my favorite plague.

God sends frogs out of the river unto the land of Egypt. Frogs are everywhere. There are frogs in the fields, frogs in the street, frogs in the house, the pot and pans, beds, cabinets all over. The Pharaoh is a superstitious man and he can’t kill the frogs. The frogs are the symbol of nourishment flowing into the land of Egypt. The Nile River is a healthy river with all this abundant life in it. He can’t kill the frogs so he calls on his magicians; Jannes and Jambres to remove the frogs. They can’t remove the frogs and summon up more frogs. The Pharaoh is in a mess. He finally asks Moses to remove the frogs and the people will be freed.

Moses says, “Glory over me. When should I entreat the Lord to remove the frogs.” The Pharaoh answers, “Tomorrow.” Then Moses answers, “Be it according to thy word.”

Wow, what a story! This is one of my favorites. This does have some strange elements to it and something that I find to be true in all of life. The first thing I like about the story is Jannes and Jambres. They are the Pharaoh’s magicians. I bet they had a great stage name. Who wouldn’t want to be known as the Egyptian Magicians and have every right to say it?

The strangest part of the story is tomorrow. If you had frogs all in your house, in your bed, in your kitchen, pots and pans, everywhere you looked and I said I could get rid of them, when would you want me to do it? Well, wouldn’t you say right now?

Why did the Pharaoh say tomorrow? Sometimes we just have to be reminded that we need to take action about doing things. There are many things we endure just because we won’t get going. The Pharaoh had to spend another night with the frogs just because he wouldn’t commit. It happens all the time. In fact I may go on a diet tomorrow. Sometimes we’re just like the Pharaoh about all sorts of different things.

My favorite part of the story is the quote, “Be it according to thy word.” This is the most powerful part of the story. This can be true about many things. To me, and maybe for you our lives are just as we say. Be it according to thy word could map out our lives just by what we say. Ever notice that some people will gladly tell you how bad their life is? Also, did you notice that their life is pretty bad? In fact many times we mimic just what we say about our lives. “My life is terrible.” Contrast that to “ I’m working to make my life better for me and my family. I’m studying, exercising, reading, working, (put in whatever verb you want) to be better, stronger, friendlier, greater, or becoming happier.”

Amazingly, these words do make a difference in how we feel, act and really what we become. I feel better just thinking about it.

Well, what was the point of all this? Remember that your life can be just like you say it is. I think that is why this is one of my favorite stories. Also, don’t spend another night with the frogs. Do something now. Your life will be just like you say it is.