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Bruce McNair has been an insurance agent for more than 30 years. He recently made a big move, and transitioned to Jeffords Insurance Agency, where he will serve Clarendon County and surrounding areas. McNair sat down for an Editors Office Interview and discussed this change, and how he sees his future with this company.

Editor, Jake McElveen: So where are you working now?

Bruce McNair: Jeffords Insurance Agency

E: Where are you coming from?

B: Farm Bureau. I have an agricultural background and several farm interests as well.

E: Where did you grow up?

B: I was born and raised in Gable, right here in Clarendon County. I graduated Laurence Manning Academy and I got an Agribusiness Degree in Tifton, GA, from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

E: When you got out of college did you go straight into the insurance business?

B: Nope, I came home and joined the family farm. That was during a very transitional period. Tobacco was going out and it was mostly row-crop. Afterwards I left the farm business and went into insurance. I got a chance later to buy a portion of the farm, and I have a small hog business now. My son and I also have two herds of beef cattle, just like your father. You all are in the poultry business as well aren’t you?

E: Yeah my family is big in the poultry business.

B: I don’t know how I missed knowing you, where did you go to school?

E: I graduated from East Clarendon and worked on the farm for a while and then moved to Savannah, then I came back home last February.

B: My wife went to East Clarendon, and my nieces did as well. But anyway, I don’t want to interview you.

E: I don’t mind at all. It’s nice that you brought up farming because you sell farm insurance as well, correct?

B: We do. We are hoping to expand that market. As far as I know, we have the most A-rated carriers in Clarendon County. We can write anyone anything as far as insurance goes. But we are hoping to gain more farm agencies in the future. With my background in the farm industries we are hoping to add this.

E: So how has the transition been?

B: It has been great. Jeffords insurance is owned by Warren Jeffords out of Bishopville. We have three offices, in Manning, Lamar, and Bishopville. We have a ton of companies and excellent support throughout. That was has really been the best, not having to tell anyone that we can’t help. At my old company, we had a list of standards and if the client didn’t fit we had to turn them away. Here, someone comes in and we can find the bill that fits them the best. I get to work with great people.

E: How diverse is the clientele?

B: We do business with everyone. John has a lot of liability insurance for professionals. And that part is kind of new to me, but I plan to expand into that. But we write everyone from multi-coverage policies to single-car insurance.
E: Would you say you’re still learning a little bit?

B: I’m learning a lot. Like I said, I knew nothing about the commercial business, and I’m still not there, but I’m learning.

E: So, to wrap up, what would you say your favorite part of this job is?

B: Mainly, just helping people. I like meeting them and talking to them and making them smile. It is the best feeling when someone comes in and you can save them on half of their current bill. Clarendon County is very rural, and if we can give them coverage with A-rated companies while putting money back in your pocket, that’s what we aim to do.


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