Considering a Child-Free Wedding? Tips to Know Before You Say Yes


(BPT) - Wedding planning requires countless choices, but one that remains highly debated is whether (or how much!) to include children in the festivities.

The Zola First Look Report found, of 4,000 couples with 2024 wedding dates, 79.5% are in favor of kid-free weddings. Although the decision is becoming more popular, it’s often met with criticism from guests who are parents needing to secure child care, which can add stress for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Engaged couples are turning to “something new” to address the needs of guests with kids without sacrificing their own preferences and priorities: babysitter services. This new trend has become increasingly popular for weddings with couples offering in-home or on-site options to care for kids while adults focus on the celebrations. In fact, Jovie, the network of professionally trained child care experts, nannies and sitters, reports that the company has seen a 159% increase in event care since 2022.

“Couples can find themselves in a difficult position when contemplating whether to include children in their wedding day festivities as they may worry about parents feeling overwhelmed or distracted by having their kids present,” said Laura Davis, Jovie’s Nanny Concierge. “We’ve seen couples increasingly interested in providing child care for their guests, as it’s a win-win for both the couple and parents as everyone will get to enjoy the event without worrying about their children.”

Interested in services for your own nuptials? Davis recommends considering a few key factors ahead of time:

Determine whether a “kid-free” or “kid-friendly” option makes more sense:

  • A “kid-free” wedding allows for babysitters, provided by the couple, to care for guests’ children at their home or hotel room. This option allows for parents to be conveniently connected with a pre-vetted babysitter directly. Most often, the couple covers the cost but are not the coordinators — with the babysitter service working directly with the wedding planner or venue to streamline and reduce stress. Alternatively, “kid-friendly” weddings invite children to the festivities but offer child care covered by the couple in a designated on-site area outfitted with a kids table, games and snacks that won’t disrupt the event’s flow. This is a wonderful choice for larger families who would prefer to have their kids close by or those including a flower girl or ring bearer in their ceremony and photos.

Utilize RSVPs to determine how many kids need care — and book babysitters early:

  • Summer and fall are peak wedding seasons, so be sure to start reserving babysitters at least 3 months in advance. Adding a “Child Care Needed: Yes or No” section to your invites or RSVPs can seamlessly determine how many children will need care and how many babysitters need to be booked. Once booked, babysitter services will collaborate with you, your wedding planner or the parents directly to ensure individual needs and communication preferences are addressed.

Pay attention to the details — and loop in your babysitter accordingly:

  • On-site babysitter services typically accommodate groups of up to 20 children, but it’s important to notify your babysitter when that number may ebb and flow if couples expect children to be involved in certain parts of the festivities. This will not only create a smoother experience, but if there are multiple babysitters present, they may also be able to help coordinate. Additionally, ahead of the big day, connect the babysitter service with your wedding planner or venue so they can work together to determine an appropriate care space and arrange meals.

“Your wedding day should be nothing short of spectacular, and whether you choose to include children in any capacity, remember there are multiple care options at your disposal,” continued Davis. “Babysitter services are just one of the many decisions you’ll need to make ahead of your special day, and companies like Jovie are eager to play a role in it being as stress-free as possible.”

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