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by | June 18, 2018 7:52 pm

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It started out like a normal Tuesday. Except most days in my life are anything but “normal.” I bought my car at a dealership in another town and return every 6,000 miles for a routine checkup. They change the oil and filter and check tire depth and all fluids. At my last visit they told me my right hand windshield washer was broken but they would have to order the parts. I said I would return.

After about 2,000 miles I found time to return to the dealership only to be told that they had the nozzle I needed but not the hose. They would have to order the hose and for me to come back when they called, probably in two days.

I returned home only to have the phone ring while I was in my bedroom. I answered on the hall phone and heard a voice tell me to be alerted to the fact that the IRS was checking on me and to return a call to a certain number. I didn’t have a paper and pencil to write the number down as I stood in the hall. It scared the heck out of me until I came to my senses. It was a recorded message, not a real voice. I don’t think the IRS was doing a mass calling on a rotary calling list.

I hurried to my desk phone to find the number that had called me so I could alert the police that the scam was making the rounds. However, when I called the number on my call screen, it was a “no answer” number. I have heard nothing further, and so I guess the IRS has found someone else to harass. Or at least the scammers.

I ought to be grateful to the caller, however, because the phone call scared me so much at first that it took a couple years off my life. And at 91, that is good news…I lost a few years.

That would have been enough for any normal Tuesday, but that is not all that happened to me.

My husband and I had a quail farm business. We had to get a power pole hooked up for the lights and water pump and so that made a total of four bills we were getting, due to various other buildings we had on the property.

We filed the paperwork with the IRS each year for the quail farm and took care of business. After he died, I needed to get all the bills changed into my name from my husband’s name. I thought everything was okay until the capital credit refund checks came in. For those of you not on a co-op, I need to let you understand that all the customers own shares in the power company and get refunds each year.

I took the check still made out to the quail farm and tried to deposit it at my bank. They wouldn’t accept it because they didn’t have any record of a quail farm business.

I went back to the power company and we dilly dallied back and forth for a good while, until finally today, (Tuesday) they told me to bring in a copy of my husband’s death certificate and it would straighten everything out. Now I had been doing business for three years in my own name, but suddenly this hiccup has occurred. I finally got it straightened out. But what a day.

I think I will be like Ichabod Crane and take a long nap. I don’t need any more days like today. Maybe I can wake up and it will be Wednesday, and this “normal” Tuesday will be gone.

God loves you and so do I.

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  1. Comment by Gretchen Goebel

    June 22, 2018 at 17:07

    Whew I’ve had days like that too lately. Thankfully most times it all works out. Don’t want my fix it list to get too long though! Ha. Over time I have learned to be content realizing that all the hassles are not major. My best plan is to trust God for answers and be patient. When I’m serving others that’s when I feel happiest. Who knows they will be able to help me too sometime, I am sure. Be encouraged Barbara you make a difference! Right now I just read your article while volunteering at the hospital. Thanks for all you do girl. Gretchen Goebel

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