Meet county council district 3 challenger Charlton Watts

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Turbeville native Charlton Watts, candidate for County Council District 3, is no stranger to hard work. As a young child, he helped his father on the family farm. He attended East Clarendon High School, where he gained his first exposure to politics. Between his junior and senior year, he attended Boys’ State, although he didn’t develop the desire to go into politics until much later in life.
After graduation, his father offered to help him rent farm land of his own to try his hand at the business side of farming, not just the day to day labor. Watts jumped at the chance.
“I really didn’t want to leave the farm. It was home,” said Watts. “When I went through the first year of farming, I realized this is where I needed to be. I love it.” With his father’s guidance, Watts learned to treat farming as a business, while maintaining his high work ethic and his understanding of hard work. Currently he farms tobacco, corn and soybeans on over 1,200 acres of farmland.
“When I see people working hard now, I know how they feel. I know what work is,” said Watts.
Though a full-time farmer for over 40 years, Watts has also served on the Rescue Squad with EMS and was a volunteer fire fighter for over 10 years. Eventually he was elected as president of the Rescue Squad, and he was instrumental in changing it to the Turbeville Rescue Squad, which serviced the area for many years before absorbing into the Clarendon County EMS Service.
Watts was elected to the Farm Service Agency Board, where he served for 8 years in the Turbeville district. He also served with Salt Water Conservation, the Tax Appeal Board, the Advisory Board for the Pee Dee Research Center and the board of his church, and he has been a member of the Cattleman’s Association and Farm Bureau.
“I think it’s time for new leadership,” said Watts. “I’ve lived in the community all my life. I work with people and see people every day. I’m always available. I have a strong idea of what [the community’s] needs are, because I know the people.”
Watts would bring his ability to listen, reason and make sound judgment calls to the County Council, along with his leadership skills, his ability to listen and his ability to work with a team. If elected, he wants to establish a better relationship throughout the whole county.
“I would like for people on each corner of the county to feel they’re part of Clarendon County,” said Watts, although he does not support consolidating the school boards into one.
He would also work toward establishing more youth programs, such as a program to help the elderly, teaching them work ethics and the value of helping others. He wants to see Clarendon County build an infrastructure to attract businesses, improve the schools and support the local economy while retaining Clarendon County young people who need better jobs. He feels solving the workforce issue will increase our chances of attracting big business to the area.
Watts depends on his strong faith to help him make decisions, which he feels will be a strength if elected to County Council. He makes decisions based on morals, and he prays about his decisions.
“I feel like I don’t make decisions on my own,” said Watts. “I always seek guidance in my religion.”
Watts doesn’t work for special interest groups. “Special interests are the citizens of Clarendon County as far as I’m concerned,” said Watts. He has run using his own money rather than accepting any assistance to ensure there is no possibility of obligation to anyone. He wishes to be free to concentrate only on what’s best for Clarendon County.
“I’m not a person who wants to be put on a pedestal,” said Watts. “I just want to get the job done.”

*Editor’s Note: The print version of this story contained the wrong story. Above is the correct story. We apologize to Candidate Charlton Watts for this error.

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