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Just got back from a vacation in Key West Florida. One of the best trips I’ve taken in a long time! Key West is a great place to go on vacation. Pretty water, lots of interesting sights, nice restaurants and all those famous Key West bars are just part of the attraction. The spectacular Key West sunset is always the highlight of the day. It’s just a great place to vacation.
This was my fourth trip to Key West. This time I was going to do something a little different. Four of us rode the airline down and didn’t get a car. We were going to walk to all the attractions or catch a cab. This made for a more relaxing trip. No hurry to get anywhere and no worries about parking a car. The hardest part of the trip was picking out a place to eat breakfast.
Key West also has some unique water sport opportunities also. There is para-sailing, kayaking, boat riding and all sorts of fishing. Key West is right there with the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean making for a sportsman’s paradise. We decided that we were going to try our hand at fishing this year.
We found Too Lethal fishing charters. Captain Scott Gordon is a local that told us he would get us on fish with no problem. He had been fishing since he was eighteen. He had moved to Key West in 1981 from Indiana. He moved from a city full of churches to a city full of sin. He also found his life’s work on the docks at Key West.
We arranged for a Sunday morning rendezvous and planned on going out for a half day fishing trip. Captain Scott would have everything arranged for us.
We started out with a smooth ride out of the harbor and headed out into the ocean. It wasn’t too rough and in a short time we were anchored in about sixty feet of water. Capt Scott through out some fish bait and got us lined up with our fishing gear.
My grandmother taught me to fish. She showed me how to put a cricket on a hook and then she showed me how to put a worm on a hook. After I got to be about ten years old, the fishing stopped. Now Capt Scott was going to start teaching me about this ocean fishing.
This was better than having my grandmother there. He baited the hooks, cast the line out and then gave me the fishing rod.
“Just feed the line out and start reeling when you feel the fish taking off.”
It didn’t take long and we were reeling in fish.
Wow! The yellow fins were biting and we were having a blast. All the time he was trying to explain how the wind was from one direction, the current was from another direction and the reef was a different direction. Combine all those things with the Atlantic and the Gulf and the Gulfstream colliding and I have no idea what fish will do.
We caught some fish and headed back in. Capt Scott regaled us with stories of how Key West has changed over the last thirty years. He told about how the shrimping boats have given way to tourism. Old fishermen and dope smugglers have moved aside for big pleasure boats.
We had a wonderful time and Capt Scott was the best of hosts. If you plan to get to Key West, call Capt Scott at Too Lethal fishing charters. It will be a trip you will never forget.
He showed us some neat things all the waterfront that had changed. He also told us that change happened all the time. If you don’t believe it just look at how much you have changed in the last thirty years. Take a look at your wedding pictures. Not those things ones from your first marriage.

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