Black birds, red birds, blue birds and other signs

by | April 25, 2018 10:02 am

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Bobby Jonte'

A red bird showed up in my yard today. It danced around the yard a little bit. Seemingly, like magic the bird disappeared and a black bird had taken the red bird’s place. This had to be some kind of sign.

It is too bad that I’m not sure what the sign means.

I did know what it meant if the red bird has been replaced by a blue bird. I don’t remember what that was though.

A sign is a fun thing. Don’t you love it when you get a sign that means wealth, health, or good fun is coming your way? Who wouldn’t want a sign that meant something good was coming your way. I’m always on the lookout for such a sign.

When I was in the third grade, there was a classmate that knew what all the signs meant. She would tell us about red birds, humming birds and black birds coming at different times of the year. She had all sorts of stories about blue birds signaling spring or an early harvest.

She knew all about these signs because her family was loaded with people that could interpret every sign. They could tell what buds on trees meant and what animals would do when the temperature changed.

The best part was the stories she told about her church. She went to a church that had twenty people that could speak in tongues. Her grandmother could interpret what people saying in tongues. Her aunt could interpret what people were saying when they spoke in tongues. She could only interpret the speaking by using sign language. Luckily, her uncle could interpret the sign language.

You could learn about all sorts of things. Nature had many signs to what was going to happen but the best stories were the things spoken in her church. They had signs that ranged from the end of the world to the second coming. The best stories and the best signs were when her grandmother explained all these things.

The grandmother could spin a tale that would have you worrying about the end of the world or whether the red birds represented the souls of the dearly departed.

Right at the end of the school year, the grandmother became ill. Grandmother had started knitting a new sweater. She died before she finished the knitting.

Our classmate started telling us stories of red, black, and blue birds bringing some kind of message from the grandmother. Then the lights started to appear. Lights could be seen in the woods. Lights could be seen out of the windows at night but you couldn’t see a light if you went outside.

After a week of stories about signs, the entire class was saying “Whoa Lawd, take that knitting to the cemetery!” After all that, the knitting was taken to the cemetery and all the signs stopped. No more birds or strange lights showed up. At the end of the school year, my classmate moved away. The church where her family attended closed.

Now after all these years I’ve forgotten all the signs about the birds in your yard. It’s too bad because I’m still looking for signs that all the power of the universe is on my side. Guess I’ll just have to keep looking. One thing I haven’t forgotten is if knitting and strange lights are involved, get that knitting to the cemetery.

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  1. Comment by Wilford White

    April 27, 2018 at 10:32

    Bobby, enjoyed your story, when growing up in Manning, My Aunt said a red bird (Cardinal) crossing your car path means good luck ,make a wish. As a lover of birds, I have one of 5 years , and have been feeding for awhile that will fly in a circle in front of me , when I call it each day and will light about 5 feet room me, it must have the souls of the family members I have lost, now that I read your article and now adds a lot more meaning. It is amazing to be able to see that the Power of the Universe is on Our side.

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