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by | March 9, 2018 2:10 pm

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On Saturday, May 13, 2017, the Scott’s Branch High School track teams made history. Both teams won the 1A State Track Championship, with many members of both teams taking the podium in individual events. Nearly a year later, the teams have barely been recognized. The Item ran a single article the day following the meet, and the school’s marquee greeted students with a congratulatory message. And that was the end of their recognition.

Both the boys and girls teams worked hard to achieve their championship titles. The girls team had a 56 point lead over runner-up team Lewisville and the boys team had a 110 point lead over runner-up McBee. That large of a lead is almost unheard of, with some championships won by a single point.

Leading up to their State Championship, both teams won their Region meet and the Lower State meet. For the second year in a row. What do these well-deserving athletes have to show for their hard work? A t-shirt. After their Region Championships, the athletes purchased their own t-shirts to celebrate their victory. The coaches paid for many of them out of their own pockets.

Last week, the girls varsity basketball team advanced to the Lower State Championship after winning the Region Championship. The school supported the team by arranging for students to attend the game, which was held in Florence. When the track team went to the State track meet last year, a few parents of the track team and the SRO made the trip to Columbia to support their Eagles.

At the Clarendon School District Board Meeting held Monday, March 5th, members of the school board offered to donate their stipends to purchase jackets for the Lady Eagles Varsity Basketball Region Champions. Congratulations ladies, wear those jackets with pride!

It is tradition for State Champions to receive rings commemorating their victory. Nothing was said about the school board or district buying rings for the State Track Champions. Every State Champion team in the area has received championship rings, except for the Scott’s Branch Eagles track team.

This is not about recognizing the basketball team. They absolutely deserve to be recognized. So do the boys and girls track teams. The athletes who worked hard at every practice and every meet deserve rings commemorating their victory. The coaches who spent afternoons, evenings, and weekends with their teams deserve to see their athletes recognized. The parents who transported their athletes to and from practices and meets, who spent long hours cheering their athletes on from the stands, deserve to see their children recognized.

To the members of Clarendon School District 1 and the community: I urge you to begin supporting all teams equally. The boys and girls track teams are gearing up for what promises to be another State Championship season. Please attend their home track meets. You will not be disappointed. If you know nothing about track, don’t worry. Spend some time sitting in the stands with the parents and athletes, and they will explain everything to you. And when the Eagles qualify for the State track meet, travel to Columbia to support them. You might just have a chance to witness history.

To the members of the Clarendon School District 1 Board of Trustees: Do what is right. Recognize these athletes as they deserve to be recognized. They deserve more than a t-shirt. They deserve something representative of their talent, pride, and victory. They deserve State Champion rings.

Sherri Adams

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  1. Comment by Jason Jordan

    March 9, 2018 at 19:54

    I was at this meeting on Monday night and some of what is stated in this article is not no where near the truth! This is why people should get their facts together before accusing people for personal reason or hidden agenda! The school board in my opinion did an awesome job in acknowledging the students for what they’ve accomplished! The board stated there were local business owners as well as local individual who stepped up to the plate to give assistance in helping The Varsity Girls Basketball Team purchased the jackets! Also the board members offer their assistance in given a percentage of their stipend to purchase the jackets,which I thought as well as others was awesome to do! The board chairman then stated he was given $1,000.00 of his stipend to help purchase the rings for the Track Team Championship! After conversation with some that night, the practice was always the Athletic Department, Booster Club, sponsors and community persons get together to raise the money to purchase rings, T-shirts and or jackets for championship victories in any sport in Clarendon School District One! A few of the parents stated that it was Athletic Director who miss lead them in believing it was the school district responsibility when he knew it wasn’t. The school district has already purchased the rings for the students and looking to hold a ring ceremony soon! Once again, its two sides to story, so next time please make sure you got all your facts!

  2. Comment by K.M. Jackson II

    March 19, 2018 at 20:40

    I’m a graduate of Scott’s Branch High School. I can remember the times we did fund raiser for basketball camp, football camp or even for shirts, jackets and shoes. Matter fact,if you call some of other schools throughout this state and even check with some colleges to see they still do the same thing, FUND RAISERS. During my time I can remember the Bonepartes, Mrs.Paula, Mrs.Nesbitt Mrs.Guess and others came together with some sponsors to help the sports teams buy some of these things. I remembered one year,we won a championship in basketball, the community came together to help us raise money to buy jackets. I said all that to say this, our teachers, Coaches and principals taught us the value of working hard for something and not always expecting people to always give us something. Don’t get me wrong,I honestly believe the team needs to be rewarded but come on now,you expect the school board to pay for the Track Team to get rings. It’s always other means in getting it done, we focus on the wrong things sometimes and we get caught up too much on what somebody else did. I sure wish there was still teachers like Mrs.Doris Brown ,Mrs.Lottie Fleming, Mr.Moses Levy, Mrs.Addie Jones , Mrs.Minnie Hillard and Mrs.Patricia Nelson who didn’t give us a grade,they made us earn it. We had to work hard to achieve what we wanted in school, rather it’s sports, academics or etc. We as parents today need to teach our kids these same values. I’ve heard some great things happening in the school district such as Art, Basketball and Track & Field. We’ve came along way. I love my Eagles! I would never do anything to hurt this organization, even if I disagree with things they may do. We need to fighting each other in such a small community and just pulled together for the children of the district. Material things come and goes,but our love for this district should supersede anything. Fighting Eagles forever!!!

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