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k,Have you ever noticed that some people should just be together? You’ve probably seen couples that have been married so long they look alike. I’ve met couples that sounded alike. They spoke the same way and used the same idioms in their speech. If you got them on the phone, it was hard to tell them apart. When they told a story, each of them would tell it the same way. It’s incredible to by around people like that.
Last weekend, I met up with the A&H Racing Team. My mother used to describe people like this as “Two fools well met.” These guys were rather amazing. It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to get out of the conversation with these two guys. Luck was with me. I was with a friend that knew these two and he couldn’t stand being around them for very long.
How these two met was never explained to me but they were a rather special pair. If one said black the other said white. If one said day the other said night. They would disagree on everything. Arguing was the only thing they liked. When I met them, they were arguing about the weather forecast. You would think they were from different parts of the country.
The weather forecasts were so dissimilar I thought it was some kind of joke or skit. They each had a different forecast for the area and they had an explanation for why the weather was going to be that way. The explanation of the weather was just as wild and the different forecasts that they were giving.
My friend got them back on their Racing Team exploits. These guys had been friends or adversaries for 20 years. They had known each other about a year and they decided to go into car racing together.
That was the start of The A&H Racing Team. That is not the real name of their racing team. I just made up the name. It Stands for Argumentative & Handicapped Racing Team.
One of the guys believed the key to all horsepower was through carburation. The other guy thought the only way to do any engine work was to take off the heads of the engine and adjust the valves.
I’m not sure were the car came from but they got into racing and arguing. It was an odd team. They would go to the racetrack and bring some young guy to drive the car. The driver usually did okay. These to guys would argue and whenever they had to work on the car, one would want the carburetor rebuilt and the other would try to pull the heads off and adjust the valves.
The handicapped part came in with their mechanic. The mechanic was called the one armed mechanic. He could only use one hand. He had two arms and two hands. His only problem was he could only use his right hand to pull a wrench or turn a socket. His left hand was always holding a beer can.
Even with all the dysfunction, the car ran pretty well. Every week they got a new driver because they had infuriated the driver because after they worked on the car it got slower.
Somehow. the one armed mechanic would get the car fixed up for the race each week. He always tried his best not to work on the carburetor or adjust the valves. This went n for five years. They decided to get into something else they could argue
They are arguing about starting a business together. This argument about business has been going on for many years. They haven’t come to an agreement as to what kind of business they could start together.
Supposedly, the one arm mechanic now owns a car dealership. The two A&R guys said they thought of opening a car dealership themselves. They just couldn’t decide what kind of dealership to open.

Bobby Jonte is president of the Bank of Greeleyville.

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