Letter: Mayor’s tribute to a life well-lived

by | January 21, 2018 4:11 am

It has been as if a cloud of darkness has hung over our city since the passing of the Honorable Hayes F. Samuels Jr.
I’ve known “Hayes since I was a little girl. I woud walk past the funeral home on Dinkins Street with my great-gradmother and mom when I lived on Dickson Street.
The front porch was a gathering place for most in the community: Hayes could always be found surrounded by people. His captivating and friendly personality just naturally drew people.
He has humbly helped and blessed so many people through the years. His contributions to mankind, our city and county are too numerous to name.
On a personal note, after it was announced that I needed a kidney transplant, he gave me a call with words of encouragement. On the day of my transplant surgery, before going into the operating room, he again gave me a call and had a word of prayer with me.
During my last conversation with Hayes a couple of months ago, he said, “I just love everybody and I pray for everyone.”
What wonderful words to remember from my last conversation with him.
It is true: “A Giant Tree has Fallen.” It fell quietly, but the ripple of sadness from its falling has been felt throughout this world.
Never to be forgotten, xleep easy, Hayes.


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