Letter: Driver stunned by lack of caring while stranded on US 301

by | November 29, 2017 1:26 am

Last Updated: November 28, 2017 at 11:31 pm

Monday morning, Nov. 27, I was a little surprised at the lack of concern for a fellow motorist. I stood beside my daughters’ car with a flat tire (on U.S. 301) and watched person after person drive by. Many people were just texting or on their phones!
But I made eye contact with some people, and they didn’t think twice about a woman standing in the cold. I even recognized some people, but I won’t call you out.
I watched trucks with more than one person in (them).
There were people in service trucks, people that work at the nearby farm that didn’t give me a second thought.
Vehicles for local businesses drove past.
The only person who stopped was my niece.
And, yes, I am going to mention the two law enforcement vehicles that passed by. I understand that times have changed, but really, if some of you had looked up from your phone or cared what you were looking at (sic).
I cannot tell you how many times we have stopped or at least called for help. I guess if you or a family member were beside the road in 35-degree weather, it would be OK for everyone to pass by.
Well, note taken.
I hope you all (got) where you were going safely.
Thanks for nothing.
P.S. You had better be glad I’m not naming names!


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  1. Comment by Tim

    November 29, 2017 at 08:48

    People suck. You should get AAA like everyone else. You are not entitled to anything in this life.

    I would not of stopped. I have a family… what if you accused me of being inappropriate with you? That could ruin my life just as if you had a weapon. Its sad that you have to worry about these days.. but it’s society fault.

  2. Comment by Moye Graham

    November 29, 2017 at 08:58

    I hate to hear this Janene. Your husband Pete would had been one of the first to stop and help someone that was caught on the side of the road in near freezing temperature whether he knew them or not. I am sure you would also if you recognized the person or felt safe. I have a daughter your age or close and a Grand Daughter that drives by themselves quite a lot. I would hope that if they ever needed help then someone would care enough to stop and assist them. While they both have AAA it still would be nice to have someone ask if they could help before the Service Truck got to them. If I ever see a stranded woman or girl you can bet if it is safe I am going to see what I can do to remedy the situation if it is only to call someone. Clarendon County is better than this. Sorry this happened to you.

    Moye Graham,
    Chairman CCGOP

  3. Comment by theadora

    November 30, 2017 at 21:15

    I think about this nightmare situation every time I go out on the road alone, especially doing rescue dog transports to areas I’m not familiar with. I feel so bad about your terrible experience and your disappointment in how people reacted; I’d feel the same way. I think that many people, in this age of cell phones and On-Star and Hum just assume that you’ve got help coming, so they don’t bother stopping. Which is not an excuse. It would be nice to at least stop and check to see if help is on its way! And the law enforcement vehicles, double SHAME on you!!!

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