Blessings: Stacy Garnett

by | November 23, 2017 3:02 am

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“Christ has blessed me with being able to come home from my job at the beach to take care of my Mom. It was truly a leap of faith. Having no job lined up back here, I stayed unemployed for seven months, but the Lord got me through. I noticed my Mom was confused when I got home last December. It took til about the first of January to figure out she was mixing her morning and night medications. I took over her medications. She started getting better. The Lord blessed me with a job with city of Sumter at end of July. My insurance ran out back in April. It was great to finally get insurance again. My knees both need to be replaced. Been needing it since last year. The Lord has kept me going even through all the pain. I praise him each and every day. Even though I am in pain I am walking around. The Lord blessed me with second job with Pizza Hut as delivery driver to make ends meet. They have also been understanding through Mom’s gallbladder situation. My knees hurt every day. I am supposed to get cortisone shots end of November. Praying they will work. The Lord helps me stay going all the time. Without him I can do nothing. When someone ask how are you doing. I think of a quote my Grandmother Annie Mary Hodge used to say. I am doing good. The Lord blesses me every day not to be doing good. One biggest blessing is weight loss. When I came home I weighed 396 pounds. I was about to be a grandfather in November. I decided I needed to start doing something about my weight. I really couldn’t exercise that much because of knees being bad. I started low-carb diet. As of Nov. 19. I lost down to 334 pounds. I still got away to go, but with the Lord’s help. I will get there. My daughter, Whitney Barrett, had my first grandson, Davon. Through my life my Lord has blessed me with three wonderful daughters. Even not by blood but through relationship. It doesn’t take blood to be a good dad. I love them like they’re my own. I could go on and on how good God has been to me. I am truly blessed.”
– Stacy Garnett

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