McMaster authorizes National Guard deployment to Puerto Rico

by | September 28, 2017 12:43 pm

Governor Henry McMaster has issued Executive Order 2017-33, authorizing approximately 150 Engineer Soldiers from the South Carolina Army National Guard to assist in Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria.
“It is an inspiration to see South Carolinians answer the call of duty, without hesitation, to help our neighbors in need,” said McMaster. “The people of Puerto Rico have had our thoughts and prayers throughout this devastating and trying time, and now they will have the dedicated men and women of South Carolina’s Army National Guard working side by side with them to restore their home and get them back on their feet. Peggy and I ask that all South Carolinians join us in praying for our men and women in uniform and for the people of Puerto Rico.”
“I am always so proud of our South Carolina soldiers who are ready at a moment’s notice to help our fellow neighbors in need, even hundreds or a thousand miles away,” said U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Robert E. Livingston, Jr., the adjutant general for South Carolina. “Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in Puerto Rico whose homes and livelihoods were devastated by Hurricane Maria.”
The Engineers are part of a multi-state Engineer Task Force comprised of a total of 750 soldiers from the North Carolina, Louisiana and New York Army National Guards. They will assist in clearing roads and reaching areas cut off from the storm as well as clearing debris and getting infrastructure restored.
The South Carolina soldiers are assigned to the 122nd Engineer Battalion headquarterd in Edgefield and the 178th Engineer Battalion headquartered in Rock Hill.
For any questions related to the deployment of soldiers, please contact LTC Cindi King of the South Carolina National Guard at

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  1. Comment by Moye Graham

    September 29, 2017 at 08:02

    This really moves me since I have spent so much time in Puerto Rico on projects and vacations. I have friends and former coworkers in PR that I have still not heard from. They are Americans and we must do our best to get them back on their feet. I have always wanted PR to be our 51st state. Thank you Governor McMaster.

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