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Have you seen the commercials about the animal shelters and ASPCA?
The commercial shows pictures of cats and dogs in all sorts of horrible conditions. Sad music is played and you look at pictures of animals that have been mistreated. It is a touching scene with animals in cages or chained in nasty environs.
People are coming to the rescue and saving the animals. The fundraising part of the ad shows the animals being rescued. The animals are washed, medically cared for, given love and affection. Another picture shows clean, healthy and well-groomed animals. Animals like this need your help.
For only $19 per month, this kind of help kind is given to many animals. That’s only 63 cents a day!
That’s a lot of good that can be done with people chipping in a small amount of money. My friend Buddy is a believer in this commercial. The strange part is he doesn’t believe in helping just animals, he thinks that 63 cents a day can help people.
Buddy is always decked out. When I met him six years ago, he was the best-dressed person I had ever seen. He is always immaculately groomed. He seems to live by the hipster saying of “Always dress like you have somewhere better to go later on.”
Buddy really has it altogether. He not only dresses well, he speaks well, drives spiffy cars, knows al about his business and industry. He keeps up with current events and happenings within and without his community and his job industry.
This wasn’t always the case with Buddy. He was poor growing up. After high school, he got a job at some kind of office. He never told me what he did exactly. Part of his job involved using a broom at the end of the day too. He thought he was going to stay in this kind of work forever.
By chance, he saw a commercial about helping animals for this little amount of money. He thought that if a little bit of money such as 63 cents a day could help a dog so much, it must be able to do something for him. He said that two things made a difference in his life.
He found a book in his office building that was about “Dressing for Success.” He also tried to spend 63 cents on himself. His dilemma was finding out what 63 cents could do. He started reading the book about
dressing better and trying to do something with 63 cents. The first day after starting this project he counted out 63 cents and spread it out on a table. He thought to himself that he must be the stupidest guy on earth. There was change on the table, and he wanted better clothes so he could dress better.
At the end of a month he had saved enough money to buy a better shirt. That’s all he could get. Apparently, it did make a difference. He said all the women in his office would compliment him on the new shirt whenever he wore it. It took six months to go from buying new shirts to buying new pants. Within a year, he new shoes and looked like a manager in his building and his job didn’t include the broom anymore.
He found out that there were books in the library about success in business and life. He claimed he struggled with this new reading. Sometimes he could read 25 pages and sometimes he could only read two pages. Still he kept on reading things and trying to look better.
He continued with this a little bit at a time.
Of course, the years passed whether he liked it or not. He was promoted and did more and better work. He studied more and dressed better. As he improved, his job improved, his pay improved and things became better.
I only see Buddy about once a year. Every time he visits me, I’m more amazed at what he does. He continues to study and improve. Now he says he buys at least $20 worth of books each week.
He keeps on improving. It is an inspiration just to get to talk to him. He tells me to gets some more books and study. He also tells me to get some better clothes too.
His best advise to me is get started. He started with 63 cents and it has made all the difference in his life. Start improving and keep improving. Last year, Buddy gave $10,000 to the animal shelter.
Just think what that $19 a month could do to improve your life.

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