SCHP reminds motorists to avoid distractions this Easter weekend

by | April 14, 2017 1:54 pm

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety is reminding motorists to keep their focus on the road this weekend as people travel for the Easter holiday and as other motorists will be returning home from Spring Break.
So far this year, there have been 255 fatalities on South Carolina roadways compared to 272 at this time last year. The goal is Target Zero.
Historically, there tends to be congested travel around the interstates and main arteries leading into and out of the coastal areas in the state at this time of the year.
Troopers report that some of the primary violations they see around Spring Break/Easter travel are failure to buckle up, speed and distracted driving behaviors.
Long trips also can make drivers more prone to distraction as they “zone out” after having traveled long distances without taking frequent breaks. Drivers may find themselves adjusting the radio, taking their eyes off the roadway to talk with passengers or becoming engrossed in cell phone conversations.

Troopers suggest:
n taking frequent breaks (every 2 hours) to stretch your legs and get some fresh air;
n keeping a safe following distance (at least three seconds behind the car in front of you; to measure the three-second rule: start counting when a car passes a fixed object; it should be three seconds before you pass that fixed object as well. It will take an attentive driver half that time to react to a hazard).
n reporting aggressive drivers or drivers exhibiting signs of impairment by calling *HP (*47);
n being aware of work zones, Moving Over to give room to law enforcement/first responders assisting other motorists;
n refraining from travel right after a large meal when you might be more prone to suffering from fatigue behind the wheel.

Motorists can monitor real-time traffic from the Highway Patrol at

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