Woman seeking justice for son, 6, for burn injuries

by | February 23, 2017 5:07 pm

An Alcolu woman whose 6-year-old son was burned at a home on Zakia Drive in October said she has faced threats and intimidation in relation to the incident.
Leslie L. Brown said her son, Emery L. McCray, was playing with other children at the home, and that an 11-year-old child came running to her saying Emery was on fire.
“I asked Emery, ‘What happened to you?'” Brown said. “And he said (the 11-year-old child) set him on fire.”
Emery was ultimately airlifted to Augusta Burn Center in Georgia, and was not admitted to McLeod Health Clarendon.
The boy only recently returned to school, and has scars over the majority of his back.
“My baby has scars for the rest of his life,” Brown said. “I have to put oil on him. He cant be in sunlight. He has had a skin graft. He will probably have to have more surgery in March.”
Brown was joined Thursday on the Clarendon County Courthouse steps from officials with the Manning and Clarendon branches of the NAACP, along with the South Carolina National Action Network, a civil rights group interested in her son’s case.
“We are going to see justice happen in this case,” said Julius Adger with the NAACP. “What’s went on in this case should have never happened. And we are going to get to the bottom of why this happened and try not to let it happen again. Right now, it looks like someone is going to have to pay for the medical bills of this young boy and also that someone needs to be prosecuted to the fullest. This is not 1950. We have to stop this. It’s going too far.”
Robert McFadden, also with the NAACP, said he believes both the FBI and the S.C. Law Enforcement Division should have been contacted to investigate the case.
“This county has the appearance of unity, but deep down inside, there’s a lot of complacency,” he said. “In 1949, when people in Summerton decided to protest and file suit against separate but equal schooling, the people in Manning said, ‘It’s not time. We don’t want to do this now.’ But the poor people in Summerton, they said it was time.”
“And I believe now is the time to stop tactics like this where someone is being intimidated for trying to speak out for her son,” said McFadden.
Brown said Thursday at the courthouse that she has been “threatened and intimidated” by those who investigated the case.
“It’s been hard,” she said. “It’s been rough. We’ve been intimidated. We’ve been getting this for a while. It won’t stop. It hasn’t stopped. My family and I remain in the mobile home where the incident happened. Because of the injuries with my son, I have not been able to work. The whole situation has been rough on everyone.”
Brown said she wants justice and compensation.
“Someone should compensate me for my travel expenses,” she said. “And they told me the only thing they were willing to do was give the child who did this 90 days. And my baby has scars for the rest of his life.”
The Rev. Leon Winn, pastor of Rock Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Manning, said he and other local leaders will be approaching new Sheriff Tim Baxley about protecting Brown and her family in the face of alleged threats.
“It’s appalling what has been done to her in this case,” he said. “It’s appalling that no one protected her and her family. We are reaching out to the new sheriff. We will do that.”
Sheriff Tim Baxley said Thursday he is aware of the case and that the 11-year-old child allegedly responsible for the fire has been charged with assault and battery. Names for offenders 16 and younger are not released to media.
“The juvenile was charged Nov. 18,” said Baxley. This was more than a month after the incident, which happened Oct. 16.
Manninglive.com published a story Oct. 21 on the incident, but was told at the time by former Sheriff Randy Garrett that the fire appeared to be accidental.
“How could this be an accident?” said Elder James Johnson, president of the South Carolina National Action Network. “A flammable liquid was poured on his back, and this child was set afire. An accident is where you stumble and fall into a fire. This is a crime, a hideous crime.”
Garrett said in October that the children were playing and got ahold of lighter fluid, which was sparked by the older child’s father, who was working with equipment that caused sparks.
But Brown said that’s inaccurate, and that her son immediately asked the older child, “Why did you set me on fire?”
“This is an atrocity,” said Winn. “This has been suppressed for so long and cannot be tolerated. I’m in awe at this intimidation. It’s heartwrenching to know that a child has been through such a hideous crime and no one has done anything about it. It will stop today.”


Leslie Brown shows the burn injuries on her son’s back at the Clarendon County Courthouse on Thursday.


Leslie Brown said Thursday that she is seeking justice for her 6-year-old son, Emery, who was injured in October after an 11-year-old boy allegedly set him on fire. The older boy was charged with assault and battery a month after the incident.

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  1. Comment by anonymous

    February 24, 2017 at 08:21

    Two young kids were allowed to play with flammable liquids, and the parent wants compensation because one of them got burned?? The only crime committed was by the parents. DSS needs to be called, NOT the FBI & SLED.

  2. Comment by Bishop J

    February 24, 2017 at 09:03

    Child being paraded in public to gain sympathy before a court case, this case should be thrown out and all these involved should stand before a judge. Didn’t these DAs learn anything from all the other cases that get tried in the media? When you tell only half the truth and the public finds out the other half you only look like liars and fools. Now we will learn that this was all an accident and ALL the parents were at fault. Sad!

  3. Comment by Thom

    February 24, 2017 at 09:20

    There’s too much wrong with this story. Sounds more like a money hungry parent than someone wanting ‘justice’. She’s already talking about reimbursement for ‘travel expenses’!? And for people to parade around the courthouse talking civil rights and 1950? Come on people, it’s 2017. I’d love to see what these folks idea of ‘justice’ really is. Too often it means a conviction OR ELSE, to heck with a fair trial. And to talk about someone lose paying for the medical bills? What happened to Obamacare for all?

  4. Comment by Appalled in Alcolu

    February 24, 2017 at 09:22

    This woman hasn’t worked in six years. Her child was unattended by her for six hours on the day this happened. She has refused to pay her rent since October is trying to sue her landlord over this. She had her family threaten to shoot this child and made it difficult for the accused child’s father to remain in his home and they had to move. Her older child has bullied the accused child at school. This woman attacked the family of the accused at the courthouse in January. She is threatening and harassing the family of the accused and so are her family members. There are eye witness accounts from court employees that she tried to physically harm the 11 year old in the parking lot of the courthouse. I’m sorry that her son is hurt but you should tell the truth about what you are doing to the other family. I’m sure the NAACP doesn’t want to be embarrassed when all the reports proving this woman is harassing and threatening not the one being harrassed and threatened. The investigation by the fire chief said it was an accident. She waited six days after the father of the accused made his report to police to even say anything. The reporter should have done a better job at getting all of the facts. Makes manning live look pretty dumb with all the evidence that proves this woman is not telling the whole truth about herself and her harassment.

  5. Comment by Steve

    February 24, 2017 at 09:37

    Only people that look dumb to me are the ones that are trying to make a “race” case out of a “child neglect” case. Adger, McFadden, Winn, and Johnson should be ashamed

  6. Comment by Lillie

    February 24, 2017 at 09:41

    This is insane, she doesn’t want the court system to hold this child accountable, but wants to be reimbursed for traveling to her child. She wants money, a blind man can see that. For the people following her up behind this situation didn’t do their homework. Two kids playing with flammable liquids unsupervised, the parents of those kids should be charged. Ijs, but carry on!!! Continue to read and listen to these ALTERNATIVE FACTS!!!

  7. Comment by confused

    February 24, 2017 at 11:20

    Is the alleged assailant white? No where in this story did it mention that but assuming since NAACP Is envolved that he or she is; would it be same outcome if assailant was african american. Maybe since she hasnt worked in 6 years the government can get envolved and see if there are any tax frauds or medicaid frauds. Or any for that matter. I have kids and never are the left unsupervised as to where they are able to even get there hands on such things. Parents are at fault on both sides not the children.

  8. Comment by Watz

    February 25, 2017 at 09:15

    Unsupervised Mischievous children playing around, causes one to get burnt or maliciously burnt. Parents or grownup get heated, pushes it to a different level and looks to blaming, this is a natural instinct when someone gets really hurt or died. When people threaten someone, this pushes it for law enforcement to act, but where does Civil Rights Groups fits into this affair? Well! I’ll probably rethink this one, if it was me.

  9. Comment by Bishop J

    February 25, 2017 at 14:11

    The NAACP is far from the civil rights group I belonged to in the 90s and has lost focus of what Dr. King fought for. The landmark case of Briggs Vs. Elliott for which the NAACP rep mentioned has nothing to do with this case, Thurgood Marshall, Harry Briggs and Rev. DeLaine researched and made sure they have the facts.

  10. Comment by Jessie Lawson

    February 26, 2017 at 08:42

    Instead of protesting and shifting the blame from the mother, why don’t the NAACP help her get back and forth? The NAACP has gone from being a great civil rights orginazation that fought for the rights of the truly oppressed to a racist group that supports criminals and those that have done wrong. She knew that she was in the wrong that’s why she didn’t report it. Now she has admitted on the news that she left a 6 year old unattended, and has done this many times. She messed up so the NAACP tells her to blame someone else.

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