Question 4 for Sen. Tim Scott

by | August 28, 2016 10:24 pm

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During his time in Manning recently, Sen. Tim Scott was asked, “What needs to be done to fix the welfare system?”
“Over the last eight years, we’ve had an increase of 12 million people who are living in poverty and are on welfare programs. We’ve seen a 40-percent increase in people who are eligible for food stamps.
There are two things we need to address: No. 1 is how to restore dignity in all work. No. 2 is we’ve got to fix the programs to encourage people to go to work.
Under President (Bill) Clinton’s administration, work requirements were put into the welfare program; in 2012 the work requirements were taken away, and the number of people who signed up for welfare went up. If we went back to work requirements, I think numbers will go back down and people’s quality of life will improve.
We have to make sure that the benefits when you go back to work don’t drop off immediately but that they curve off. So you would work your way out of needing those benefits. There are 5.8 million open jobs across the nation, and 70 percent of those jobs do not require a four-year degree.
We need to give better training and more incentives for people to go back to work.”

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  1. Comment by Annonymous

    August 30, 2016 at 09:37

    Mr. Scott is right on target. It is time to put some dignity back into the people. There are many who can work but don’t. I believe it is because there are too many readily available programs to encourage a person not to work. There are so many senior citizens who HAVE to work because Social Security is not enough to live on but yet too much to qualify them for any programs (such as food stamps, Medicaid, and or SSI).They have to choose between mortgage, food, medical bill, or medicine. Does anyone else see the problem with this picture or is it just me? Putting people back to work would be so beneficial in so many areas of their lives and the lives of their children. I also agree that when a person goes back into the work force not to cut off their benefits immediately but they do need to be weaned off. Let’s get back to the requirements. Thank you Mr. Scott for your insight into what the problem and solution is…

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