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This week’s front … Thursday, Dec. 26, 2014

Posted on December 26, 2013 10:10 pm by Robert Joseph Baker


Laurence Manning Academy Pageant

Posted on December 1, 2013 7:07 pm by Robert Joseph Baker

Miss_Queen_16 MISS_QUEEN_9_2nd_runner-up MISS_QUEEN_7_WINNER MISS_LMA_JH_21_WINNER MISS_LMA_JH_21_WINNER_@ MISS_LMA_JH_13_1st-runner-up MISS_LMA_JH_7 MISS_LMA_FINALISTS MISS_LMA_FINALISTS_2 MISS_LMA_10_2nd_runner-up MISS_LMA_10_2nd_runner-up_3 MISS_LMA_10_2nd_runner_up_2 MISS_LMA_9_WINNER MISS_LMA_9_WINNER_2 MISS_LMA_2_1st_runner-up_3 MISS_LMA_2_1st_runner_up Miss_Elementary_2nd_runner_up miss_cutie_20_2nd_runner_up MISS_CUTIE_9_WINNER MISS_CUTIE_9_WINNER_2 MISS_CUTIE_6_1st_runner-up_1 miss elementary winners Miss Elementary Bailey Moore MISS ELEMENTARY BAILEY MOORE 2 ME_Contestant_16_2ROBERT J. BAKER / TIMES

The Laurence Manning Academy Pageant was held Nov. 16 at the school. Brianna Lewis came away with the top crown, and was named Miss Laurence Manning Academy. Other winners included Miss Junior High Marley Breanne Rogers, Miss Elementary Bailey Moore , Miss Cutie Audrey Elizabeth Coker and Miss Queen Brynli E. Knotts.



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